Briefly about a doctor

Hello the respected visitors!

My name is Грудецький Vitaly Vitalievich I am a doctor-surgeon.

It was born and grew I in city Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

The decision to become a surgeon, exactly for me appeared a surgeon but not doctor of other speciality in early youth it was caused by a prime example that for me my father became doctor-surgeon managing a surgical separation, surgeon respected and authoritative in city. On it a question about the choice of profession for me was rhetorical.

In 2002 for example of the sister (now doctor cardiologist of regional кардиодиспанера, к.мед.наук) went away from school and entered medical lyceum №3 Chernivtsi.

In 2006 made off a lyceum, and in the same year entered into Bukovina State Medical University in the native city.

During studies in an university, constantly participated in practical optional classes on surgery, took part as an assistant of surgeon is in operations, duties.

In 2012 finished an university and according to a state order was directed in Crimean State Medical University the name of С.И. Георгиевского, for passing of housemanship on speciality “Surgery”.

The surgical separation of the Kherson regional clinical hospital, that at that time was considered one of the “strongest on the south of Ukraine, became the base of practical part of housemanship for me.

During practical part of housemanship I succeeded to master all principles: to general surgery, гепато-панкреато-билиарной surgery, proctology, торакальной surgery, vascular surgery, endocrine surgery.

In 2014 because of all the known events I had to change the academic base of the housemanship and for further to educating I went back into it alma mater, Bukovina State Medical university.

In 2015 with a difference passed a certification, and got the diploma of “doctor-surgeon”. And in the same year on recommendation of surgical separation of the Kherson regional clinical hospital, by administration of hospital me it was offered to continue to work already as a surgeon-intern of surgical separation.

From 2015 to present tense I am the surgeon-intern of surgical separation of the Kherson regional clinical hospital.

In 2018 by the attestation commission of Management of health Protection of Kherson Облгосадминистрации II is appropriated me category on speciality “Surgery”.

From 2015 I am the active member of the Kherson association of surgeons, where constantly I come forward with lectures about interesting, rare clinical cases. From 2015 I am the member of association of surgeons of Ukraine. From 2018 I am the member of the Ukrainian association of doctors of new littleinvasion and endoscopic, laser technologies. From 2019 I will be the member of European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (EAES).

Constantly I promote the professional level, take part in modern masterclasss, training from leading clinics, the special attention I spare to лапароскопической surgery that is priority for me, I participate in foreign (Spain, Germany, France) and Ukrainian conferences, symposiums conventions.

Professional interests: herniology, abdominal proctology, бариатрическая surgery and surgical treatment of diabetes of II of type, plastic surgery, surgical treatment of malignant and of high quality tumours of organs of gastrointestinal tract (stomach, gullet, esophagogastric transition, by a rim and direct bowels, tumours of панкреатодуоденальной zone, метастатических defeats of liver), endocrine surgery, лапароскопические interferences.

Written down on a reception:

Kherson regional clinical hospital

Ukraine, Kherson,
etc. Ushakova, 67.
(3 floor, intern)
+380 (95) 045 20 02